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Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to wildlife today. Wildlife and wild places cannot survive without the preservation and protection of habitat.

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Use Your Spare Change to Make a Change


Small change can make a big impact in the fight to save nature. Partnering with accredited zoos and aquariums, natural history museums, botanical gardens and nature centers across the United States, we’ve made it easy for you to help protect your favorite species by protecting their natural habitats. Find a Conservation Meter near you to donate your loose change for saving habitat. Can’t find a local Conservation Meter, just send us your change in your most creative way.

How They Work
Ordinary street parking meters have been modified to accept donations of small change to save habitat. Instead of a violation flag appearing when coins are inserted and the dial turned, a colorful hummingbird flies across the face of the Meter. An accompanying chart tells the donor that a $.25 cent contribution saves 90 square feet of tropical rainforest—one of several informative statistics.

Find a Conservation Meter near You

* - Indicates Rainforest Conservation Parking Meter(s)
** - Indicates Marine Conservation Parking Meter(s)

Assiniboine Park Zoo*
Bergen County Zoo*
Buffalo Zoological Gardens*
Central Florida Zoological Park*
Fresno Chaffee Zoo*
Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square*
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden*
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo*
Como Zoo*
Dallas Zoo*
Denver Zoo*
Detroit Zoological Park**
Dickerson Park Zoo*
Folsom Children's Zoo & Botanical Gardens*
Fullerton Arboretum*
Happy Hollow Zoo**
Hogle Zoo*
Houston Zoological Gardens**
Indianapolis Zoological Society*
Jacksonville Zoological Gardens*
Jenkinson's Aquarium*
John G. Shedd Aquarium*
Knoxville Zoological Gardens*
Lee Richardson Zoo*
Lowry Park Zoological Garden*
Micke Grove Zoo*
Mill Mountain Zoo*
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens*
Missouri Botanical Garden*
Monterey Bay Aquarium*
National Aquarium in Baltimore**
New Jersey State Aquarium*
North Carolina Zoological Park*
Oakland Zoo*
Omniplex Science Museum*
Philadelphia Zoo*
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium*
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden*
Santa Ana Zoo*
Sedgwick County Zoo*
The Tracy Aviary*
Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum*


Conservation Meters in the News
“Parking-Meter Change Stems Nature’s Violation” National Geographic, 1994
“Feed a Meter, Save a Rainforest” Newsweek, 1988



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