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Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to wildlife today. Wildlife and wild places cannot survive without the preservation and protection of habitat.


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You can be a hero for the earth and start saving nature today! Through our Adopt an Acre® program your contribution goes directly to the purchase and protection of the critical habitats of endangered animals, plants and ecosystems.

Five Sites to Save!

When you Adopt an Acre today, you will help protect the dense forests of Costa Rica's which harbors scarlet macaws, jaguars, pumas and monkeys, or, in the lush wetlands of Brazil where you will find woolly spider monkey, red-tailed parrots and more than 1,000 species of birds.Or help protect the expansive deserts of Namibia where important populations of black rhinoceros, desert elephants and cheetahs still roam. Best of all, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat.deeds

With each donation, you will receive a personalized deed with your name or you can make the donation in someone else's name.


Your support will help save the wildest places on Earth. Funds raised will ensure the survival of millions of species of animals and plants throughout the tropical forest of the world for future generations.  

For every 2 1/2 acres saved, you will protect

1/33spider monkey
10,000 mushrooms
4 billionraindrops

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